Thoughts on the jewelry display and showcase setups for JCK show day 1:

Thoughts on the jewelry display and showcase setups for JCK show day 1:

Walking through the JCK show on day 1, I saw a lot of interesting jewelry display setups ranging from very effective to very ineffective, but mostly ineffective.  What struck me as interesting is that as a general trend I have noticed more and more booths trying to maximize each square inch.  Maximizing space is by no means a bad thing, but as we should have learned quite some time ago, too much of anything is a bad thing.  In the attempt to maximize space, there is a very real possibility of completely destroying the effectiveness in your jewelry presentation.  There were way too many booths where the jewelry was set up so close together with virtually no separation at all, that all you could see was a sea of silver and gold.  If you aren’t willing to get the proper jewelry displays to accommodate the proper separation between each piece of jewelry, you probably shouldn’t expect your jewelry to sell as well as it should.

Another problem: Some booths had jewelry with tags just flopping around all over the place, completely wrecking entire presentations.  There are a whole multitude of jewelry display options that conceal tags effectively, but jewelers are still unaware of this.

And please don’t show silver jewelry against a beige background, it does not look good.  It’s like wearing a beige suit with a gray-tone shirt?  Be mindful of what colors act as a background to the specific type of jewelry you sell.

As a general rule, anyone who plans to present jewelry anywhere, please look in front of your showcase in the same position as your customers would and make sure that the separation between your jewelry pieces is right.  You jewelry should not hide each other and they should not be crooked.  And there is no reason to see loose tags concealing jewelry either, it is an embarrassment to your jewelry and it will cost you sales.

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  1. Michael R says:

    I agree, some of the jewelry display setups at JCK really showed too much jewelry. I would say that a is general trend in the industry, try to show off more jewelry in less space rather than displaying a few pieces of jewelry very clearly.

    -Mike R

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