Top 5 Tips to consider for professional ring display

1. Show the maximum surface of the ring

It is important to show off the maximum surface of the ring you are trying to sell.
This is especially true for wedding bands and other rings which may feature
intricate designs on the ring shank. There are many new jewelry display designs that feature holding elements that feature most of the ring surface.

2. Display your ring at the proper angle

Depending on the type of stone set in the ring, and the cut of the stone, the angle in which the ring is displayed will play an important role in presenting the ring in the most attractive manner. Round Brilliant diamond cuts reflect the most light when angled 45 degrees from the dominant light source.

3. Choose Proper Lighting

This aspect of ring display will help your ring sales tremendously and is further enhanced by displaying at the proper angle. Bright white lights generally work best for bringing out the most shine of precious metals. LED lighting works especially well at illuminating fine jewelry, does not get too hot & is very cost effective in terms of power consumption. Do not forget to pack the extension chords!

4. Hide the ring tags

You will want to choose a ring display that does a good job of hiding the price tag on the ring. The tag, often made of plastic, detracts from the beauty of the ring and should not be plainly visible unless the ring is removed.

5. choose the best display color for your ring

Make sure that the color you choose for your ring display enhances the beauty of the ring you are selling instead of detracting from it. Neutral colors such as whites, off-whites & black work well for displaying fine jewelry without overpowering the jewelry piece.

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