Five Earring Tree Jewelry Display

Here is a new earring tree concept that we started to play around with; we showed it off at the JCK show, this along with our magnetic display platforms and risers seemed to generate interest.

These earring tree provide a crisp, clear presentation and they are as durable as earring trees get (I’ve seen way too many leather wrapped versions of these displays coming apart fairly quickly).  We currently have this earring tree available for 4 or 5 earrings.


You can see the video of the product by clicking the “Five earring tree display” link below:


Be sure to check out the site and blog in the coming weeks and months, we have a new product line of earring/pendant displays that can be customized to be an ideal jewelry display for travel or for an in-store jewelry showcase.

And for those unaware, you can now customize a Carefree display on the website if you click on “Displays by Line” and then click on Carefree… Feel free to play around with the product customizer it’s pretty cool.



Transcript for Video:

Hi this is Ed Ovadia, here to talk to today about a new concept that we’ve been developing.  What we have here, is a customizable five earring tree.  This whole piece can be taken apart.  And these pieces can be stacked on each other for easy travel. And in just mere moments, by just swapping in and out the Oro-lite pads into a new base, you have a completely new presentation.  The bases are available in any of our rope, Reelwood, Soft touch, or lacquer colors.  And the tree and the pad are available in any of our Oro-Lite colors.


3 Responses to Five Earring Tree Jewelry Display

  1. Brian says:

    I think this earring tree display make a lot of sense for not only traveling jewelers but also for in-store presentation as well. I like how you can change the base so easily.

    I do have a question regarding the display. In the post you said the earring tree is made from Oro-lite. I was told by someone from your company at a trade show a while ago that Oro-lite can be cleaned with an ultrasonic machine or in a washing machine (something like that). So can the earring tree can be washed in an ultrasonic machine with the jewelry on it to clean the pads and earrings?

    • Ed says:

      Yes, Oro-Lite can be machine washed in an ultrasonic cleaner without a problem. If you disconnect the Oro-Lite pieces from the bases you should have no problem washing the Oro-Lite part of the earring tree and any earrings you have on it at the same time.

      As for the washing machine… I’ve actually heard that you can wash Oro-Lite in a washing machine but I haven’t personally seen it first hand, so I can guarantee it. I assume that if you tried to put the earring tree in a washing machine with jewelry on it, I can’t imagine the earrings would stay on the jewelry.

      Hope this help.

  2. Roland says:

    I bet these earring trees will last forever, they must be very durable.

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