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More than a jewelry folder

Travelite™ Displays are designed to be a smart option for the traveling salesman. All Travelite™ are both strong and durable, and nest your jewelry together to keep it safer and more secure. Travelite™ Displays are available in the form of folders or a box which locks together through the use of magnets.

Boxes: Cleverly designed for portability and versatility, Travelite™ jewelry display boxes are a pleasure to use for the traveling salesman as well as the retailer. The rigid exterior fully protects your jewelry and the interchangeable OroLite™ elements inside provide optimum presentation with maximum space saving design. Available in elegant textures and colors, with or without hinges, Travelite jewelry boxes feature rare-earth magnets to securely hold the trays together. Add your graphics and logo to complete the custom look.

Folders: For clean, efficient organization of your traveling line, Travelite™ folders make your presentations more manageable and enjoyable. The interchangeable OroLite™ elements present your jewelry at an optimum angle and allow a customized design to fit your own needs. Unique Travelite™ material wraps securely around your merchandise and will stay good looking through many customer visits. Customize further with your company logo or trademark.

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