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General Information

How long has Ovadia been in business?

We have been in the jewelry display business for over 30 years.

What can Ovadia offer that your competitors can't?

Ovadia's numerous patents, expertise in the field, and with our manufacturing facilities in the US we have the fastest delivery for made to order and customized jewelry displays.

Ordering Specific

How do I place an order?

We accept orders by phone, fax, or email. See our Contact Us for more information

What is your average delivery time?

Typically 1-2 weeks

What products do you stock, to ensure the fastest delivery?

We stock almost no items due to the customized nature of our products; about 98% of all orders will require additional manufacturing after the order is placed.

What payment options are available?

Credit card, wire transfer, advance payment, and COD

How can I get a catalog sent to me?

See our contact page for a catalog request form

Where are your manufacturing facilities located?

All of our displays with the exception of our Crystal Cut line is manufactured in our plant in Northern New Jersey

What are your shipping methods?

Fedex, UPS, Post Office, etc

Do you send out product samples?

Yes, we do send out product samples, however if a special material run/multiple materials are requested, we may only be able to send a standardized version of the product along with a color swatch.

How can I speak with a sales representative?

Give us a call at 1-800-776-8234 or 973-256-9200, questions are always welcome!

Do you ship COD?


Is there a minimum order?

There is generally no minimum order unless a special color is ordered in select product lines, please call for more information.

Product Specific

What options do you provide for custom logos and printing?

We have 4 standard logo options available: Silkscreen, 3D logos, Embossing, and Engraved glass/crystal plaques. We do also offer other option, please call for details.

What colors do you offer for imprinting?

Silkscreen logos can be color matched to create any color, 3D logo color options are also very numerous in options, embossing is limited to a darkened version of the embossed fabric, and engraving

How much does it cost for logo customization?

$75 for a silkscreen, $150-$250 for a 3D logo, embossing costs and engraving in crystal plaques are based on complexity of the logos and cost is assessed based on tooling time.

Do you make custom orders/designs?

Yes we do. Customized top pad dies typically range from $150-$250 depending on the size of the die. For customized molds, please call or email us for more information.

What fabric color options do you provide?

We have 62 fabric color options on our product CD, but we do not show some of our most premium materials. If no color options on our product CD prove sufficient, we will search out additional fabric materials/colors to accommodate your needs.

What is Oro-lite?

Oro-lite is a proprietary, moldable material used in 10 of Ovadia's product lines. Oro-lite's high memory allow it to form mechanisms which can hold almost any piece of jewelry. Its flexible nature allows for it to bend but never break as well as steam cleaned. Oro-lite provided an elegant canvas for all jewelry, yet is unmatched in terms of durability.

What colors are available in Oro-lite?

White, Black, Off-white, Peanut, Silver, and Chocolate, although we have also made custom color matches of Oro-lite for customers.

Which of your displays are stackable?

Carefree, Covered Trays, Discovery, Empress, Honeycomb II, Infinity, Reelwood Carefree, Rope, and Travelite.

Which of your displays are best for traveling?

No one line is the best for traveling. For pure durability, our Infinity displays are the best in the world. Our Honeycomb II is by far the lightest and best space saving display for rings you can find. Travelite boxes hold the most earrings and pendants in the smallest amount of space, while providing an elegant presentation. Folders and Pads can provide the best space saving capability for necklaces and bracelets. And for light weight, durability, and space saving ability, the Carefree display may be your best option.

Which of your displays are for an in store showcase?

We would recommend our assortment of showcase bases and components that go along with them. Additionally, our Diversity, Reelwood, Info, and Rope lines are all angled displays (though rope displays also come in a flat version), thus providing a better presentation angle for your jewelry. Angled displays lose the stackability feature all of our flat trays possess.

What tray would you recommend for both traveling/space saving and showcasing our jewelry?

While no tray can optimize space saving ability and presentation simultaneously, we do have several lines that can work for traveling and stationary presentation. The Reelwood Carefree line was designed for this very purpose. Our Covered Tray line provides the look of leatherette with our patented space saving Honeycomb technology. Though we believe our new Empress line is the best hybrid displays ever made for its space saving ability and providing a high quality presentation.

What is Soft-Touch?

Soft-Touch is a very high grade micronized leatherette coating which creates a high quality matte finish. Soft-Touch is genetically very similar to leatherette, though its component used to make it is of a far superior quality than any leatherette on the market.

What colors are available in Softouch?

White, Black, Ivory, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Goldenrod, Maya Blue, Carnation, Hunter Green, Burgundy, and Terracotta

What are the frames of your Infinity displays made out of?

A super-premium heavyweight vinyl. This material makes the Infinity display's frame amazingly durable.

Why are your wood displays called Reelwood?

While there is indeed real wood in our Reelwood displays, our proprietary Reelwood is then joined with other materials which allow the wood to be molded to any form.

If my fabric top pad gets dirty can I replace it?

Yes, we do offer top pad restoration.

Do you have leather/suede/fabric covered angle bases?

Yes, that line is called Diversity, both the frame and base of the tray can each be customized in one of our over 60 fabric options.