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Ovadia Corporation is committed to providing our customer with the highest quality jewelry displays in the industry.  For those new to the jewelry industry that do not know Ovadia, we have been providing custom jewelry displays and jewelry showcases that are all made to order for over 30 years.  Ovadia has over 30 patents strictly in the jewelry display and showcase industries.  All displays and showcases are made in the USA in northern New Jersey to ensure the highest quality product, which simply cannot be obtained when manufacturing facilities are located overseas when the designers and the production operations are separate by thousands of miles.

If you are in the jewelry industry and are looking to increase your sales, then we have the displays and showcases that will put you in the best position to maximize the sales of your jewelry.  Whereas our competition tries to make displays which look pretentious and ornate as a standalone piece, we build our displays around what sells jewelry; crisp and clean presentations highlighting the jewelry, not the display.  If you are willing to put the time and effort to see what we are capable of providing you, it will be one the best investments you’ve ever made.

We at Ovadia have created this blog to not only inform our customers of what new inventions and innovations they can look forward to seeing in the future of the jewelry display industry, but we also want our customers to provide your thoughts and ideas regarding new products and innovations.

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