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Choosing the Best Colors for Jewelry Displays for Your Type of Jewelry. Ovadia Corp’s guide to Jewelry Display and Showcasing.

We at Ovadia have created an assessment system to determine the effectiveness of the color that you are current using or are planning to use in the future for your jewelry displays and showcases.  This simple categorization technique we have … Continue reading

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New Fabric Wrapped Stackable Jewelry Displays from Ovadia

We at Ovadia are committed to constantly improving our technological capabilities to provide our customers with new innovative displays to elevate the level of jewelry presentation, this new product is no exception.  There are many companies that offer displays that … Continue reading

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New Unique Exotic Materials Added to Ovadia’s Discovery Jewelry Display Line

This post is not to necessarily highlight a new concept, but rather to show off a relatively new display concept to add additional options to one of our current product lines.  Our Discovery displays have been on the market for … Continue reading

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