New Fabric Wrapped Stackable Jewelry Displays from Ovadia

We at Ovadia are committed to constantly improving our technological capabilities to provide our customers with new innovative displays to elevate the level of jewelry presentation, this new product is no exception.  There are many companies that offer displays that completely wrapped in fabric; we have been offer fully fabric wrapped displays in our covered tray line for over 20 years.  However, we have now built a display with a far superior wrapping method.

Stackable Fabric Jewelry Display

10 Slot Golden Size Seamless Cocoa Novasuede Display

First off, despite its high level of curvature, there are no seams on this display.  Whereas most displays with significant curves have seams and connection lines which are distracting to the overall presentation of the jewelry, this display is absolutely seamless.  What this mean is that the overall presentation is as clean and clear as possible without any distractions from the piece it is displayed on.


Second, the curvature of this display would normally mean significant that the tray would be wrapped with multiple pieces of fabric, thereby creating breaks between the pieces.  This display uses only a single piece of fabric wrapping the entire display with no breaks between levels, meaning a complete flawless wrapping job.


Third, our method for wrapping this display not only creates a piece without any imperfections, but it also means that the fabric wrapping on the display possesses a far stronger bond to it than any other display currently on the market.  The display’s skeleton, which gives it structure, is fused to its Novasuede wrapping in a way which creates a bond far stronger than any ordinary glue on the market ever could.


Fourth, the slots on this display are far more durable than any ordinary slot.  Our proprietary wrapping method not only means a perfect piece, but it also reinforces the slots themselves.  While slots ordinarily deform within the first 6 months of use on most displays, these ring slots will hold up for years.  The fusion of the display’s skeleton and the fabric means that the fabric actually becomes stronger and therefore strengthens the fabric which means it will hold up significantly longer.


Finally, this display is fully stackable and utilizes our Honeycomb design meaning that you save roughly 40% more space when traveling or storing this display as opposed to a display without the Honeycomb design.

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