New Stackable Bracelet Ramp Display

Ovadia Corp is proud to introduce our newest innovation to the jewelry display industry, a stackable bracelet ramp.  Until now, bracelet ramps have been cumbersome to carry around, were a massive waste of space and horrible to travel with.  Now, thanks to Ovadia, you can save space and weight when bracelets, while still providing an elegant presentation for your jewelry.

Transcript for Video:

Hi this is Ed Ovadia, here to talk today about one of newest products that we’re really excited about, this is a stackable bracelet ramp. This product is brand new. you won’t find it in any of our catalogs, although it is available for sale.  So call us up and we can give you some more literature on it.

Basically, we’ve created this product out of a need to minimize travel space and weight.  And each bracelet ramp only weighs 1/12th of a pound, you’re not going to find less than that and your certainly not going to find a stackable bracelet ramp anywhere else.

This products ideal for both presentation and travel.  This surface is made of our Oro-lite material and the base can be made in any Reelwood, lacquer, or soft-touch color that we have available.  If you’re looking to maximize travel space for your bracelets, without sacrificing presentation… you’re not going to find anything better than this.

5 Responses to New Stackable Bracelet Ramp Display

  1. Arman says:

    These bracelets ramps are 1/12th of a pounds, that sound almost too lightweight.

  2. Kylia says:

    Wow a stackable bracelet ramp display, what a good idea.

  3. Anja Folken says:

    I like this stacking bracelet ramp a lot. It looks like it can save a great deal of space when traveling. Very convenient.

  4. Lynda Haymon says:

    Wow those little bracelet ramps are really cute! And they seem to present the bracelets look really nice too.

  5. JR says:

    I like how the ramp presents the jewelry a lot, it really shows the bracelet very clearly.

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