Unique Looks for Unique Value

Changes and challenges facing our industry are familiar to jewelers large and small. Economic hard times and political turbulence worldwide. Volatility in precious metals and diamond prices. Internet buying and discount retail channels. Imitation gems… All contribute in varying ways to increasing competition for scarce consumer dollars.

In this tough environment, creating a unique identity for your business can make the difference between survival and failure. And an identity imbued with value can help turn surviving into thriving.

The easiest and most cost-effective framework for defining a "value" identity is how you display your jewelry. By fusing advanced technology with aesthetic vision, Ovadia has transformed jewelry display into fine art that convincingly conveys value to your customers – and pays practical dividends to your business. Here's how we do it.

Emotional Appeal

Jewelry by its nature speaks to the emotions. Whether inspired by impulse or carefully considered, buying jewelry is almost always an emotional decision.

Ovadia creates displays that enhance the beauty of your jewelry and its emotional appeal – but doesn't compete with it. We strike the right balance by using:

  • artful application of materials – choosing from a wide selection of luxurious finishes
  • specialized display forms for every purpose
  • display props engineered to catch the eye and hold attention. [Note: I'm thinking here about angled ring clips, etc.]

Technological ingenuity

We have mastered and expanded extrusion and molding technologies needed to create elegant display forms that further enhance the beauty of the jewelry they showcase. [Talk more here about specific molded forms and options? Maybe possibilities for LED lighting – Eclipse?]

Unique designs that stay unique

Our forte is helping you create a look that will be uniquely yours. And the patented technologies we apply to building your displays ensure that they cannot be easily copied. No need to worry about cheap imitations sourced from Asia showing up down the street. With thoughtful planning and help from Ovadia, your displays can indeed become part of an identity that guarantees loyal customers and growing sales.