Listen to every customers' needs and help them find innovative solutions to their problems

Produce fresh, made-to-order jewelry display products that are never warehoused, and deliver them quickly and affordably.

Always challenge yesterday's ideas and move forward with ongoing research and development

Surpass the capabilities of overseas competition with cutting-edge technology, and continue our pledge to manufacture exclusively in the USA.

Remain a world-class innovator and provider of custom jewelry display solutions

Made in the USA

Even in a difficult industrial climate, Ovadia is proud to proclaim that all of our products are still made exclusively in the USA! This is the result of our core philosophy that US dollars should stay in our nation and in our communities to better American lives and livelihoods.

We have been able to stay in business for one reason –innovative technology. As overseas manufacturers are able to hire labor for a fraction of what American workers need to make, many in our industry have long been driven out of the business. But Ovadia took different stance and automated the manufacturing process. This had a three-fold effect:

  • it reduced the need for manual labor
  • it increased the speed of product delivery
  • it guaranteed consistently high quality

Because of our technology, we can still compete with overseas suppliers and offer our products at competitive prices.

Our Commitment

To make the world's finest jewelry display using the best quality materials available, and to offer it at affordable prices.

To stand by every customer as a partner for our mutual success and continued growth. Without our customers, Ovadia has no reason to exist, and therefore we are committed to helping you sell jewelry!

To provide the very best customer service anywhere. When you call our office, you will speak with friendly, real people every time, and we will do everything in our power to earn your business and keep it.

To never abandon our tradition of research and development, always striving for excellence and anticipating the future.