Listen to every customers' needs and help them find innovative solutions to their problems

Produce fresh, made-to-order jewelry display products that are never warehoused, and deliver them quickly and affordably.

Always challenge yesterday's ideas and move forward with ongoing research and development

Surpass the capabilities of overseas competition with cutting-edge technology, and continue our pledge to manufacture exclusively in the USA.

Remain a world-class innovator and provider of custom jewelry display solutions

Ovadia Corporation has been a world leader in the jewelry display and packaging industry for over 30 years. Using innovative technology, designs and materials, Ovadia consistently reaffirms its position as a company ahead of its time, never failing to earn recognition from the global industry.

Proud of its technology, Ovadia has assembled one of the most advanced engineering departments in the industry today, comprised of talent from around the globe. Coupled with state of the art mechanical innovation, Ovadia is able to create truly unique patented* products at competitive prices. Ovadia also continues to overcome various hurdles that most of its competitors dare not face, using ingenuity combined with technical knowledge to provide for the demanding market. To protect its designs, solutions and intellectual property, Ovadia attains new patents regularly, currently possessing far more patents than all our competitors' combined.*

In addition to its U.S. facilities, Ovadia also maintains worldwide distribution, a New York showroom (Advance Jewelry Display). As Ovadia continues to expand, it remains committed to high quality service, creative designs, and affordable prices.

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* = Ovadia's patents can be found on the U.S. Patent Office website.