Does your display shout out to the customer or stand silent as they pass by? Is your display and important and effective part of your sales team?

Your display must work as hard as your advertising dollars, your people and your environment! The presentation of your jewelry must have an alluring, hyptonic effect on your customer. Its purpose must be to enhance, yet never overwhelm the merchandise, letting the sparkle and fire take center stage, but lifting it up and catching the eye from a distance and from every angle.

Fighting Smart for Sales

Todays shopping climate has changed unbelievably quickly, and many in our industry are still trying to catch up and compete with those changes

Although people still love fine jewelry, there is a great lack of imaginative marketing tools to encourage the new sales you need. Costume jewely today looks so good that many times the ordinary person cannot tell it from the real thing. But how can you declare the differences and help your customers discern the real from the imitation?

Skyrocketing metal and diamond prices make the buying decision even more competetive. How can you make your customer feel good about their buying decisions?

Customers also have the option of shopping on the television or internet, as well as being enticed by big box discounters and personal networking parties. What can you do to outsmart these other sources and get back your share of the sales? How can you regain your distinction as a fine jeweler?

Making a Stand and Standing Out

The best place to begin is with eye-catching, out of the ordinary displays - the kind that can speak out without saying a word. A visual knock-out that tells the story even before you greet your customer. The ultimate first impression that elevates your jewelry and elevates your company.

Jewelers are not risk-takers or trend-setters, and are inclined to wait and see what the other guy is doing and follow that lead, resulting in a homogenous look. White on white is the look everywhere. With a look-alike, cookie-cutter appearance, how is your customer supposed to rememeber one jeweler from another or what jewelry is high end or just imitation.

In the past, the lines were drawn more clearly -- fine jewelry was shown on well-made, expensive displays. When most of that industry left our shores and went to China, everyone flocked to the the low prices, but at what expense? Long delivery times, poor quality and commonplace designs. Plus the low cost of display has allowed the costume jewelry industry to be able to present their products at the same level as fine jewelry.

the Exotic Hardwoods Collection

There has to be a display choice that is exceptional and enduring. Exotic hardwood display creates an ambiance and aura of luxury like no other, uplifting sales people and customers alike.

With breakthrough technology, Ovadia has mastered the challenge of sculpting the finest rare woods into unique forms that cannot be duplicated anywhere. The naturally appealing form bonded in a strong and lightweight design has been impossible to achieve until now. Here the purity of nature meets technical perfection, surrounding the jewelry with warmth and distinction.

What more natural way to make an emotional connection with people than with rich, genuine wood? Your company is elevated and your merchandise is distinguished. Ovadia is proud to introduce this product, taking a bold step within the industry to set a new trend and bring the jewels of the forest to the jewelers of the world.

Emotions and Purchasing

It is well known that most jewelry purchases are made on impulse. And why not? It is the deepest emotions that drive an impulse purchase,and jewelry has always been intimately connected with an upwelling of love and the desire to express it. Gifts, special occasions, weddings and self-adornment are the cornerstones of the jewelry business.

To sustain this wonder, there must be elements at work to help us. Elements that evoke deep feelings in the customer and reinforce their purchasing impulse. Elements that evoke deep feelings in the customer and reinforce their purchasing impulse. Elements that mnake them feel good about themselves and the decisions they are making.

Opulant, exotic wood indulges the senses and creates and atmosphere of luxury surrounding your jewelry. This is the material that will absolutely distinguish fine merchandise from imitation. Each rare and unique combination of woodgrain and finish is a testimony to the fine taste of your company and your clientele.

"Research findings suggest that emotions and feelings play a decisive role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well crafted promotional message. Such purchases range from small(chocolate,clothing,magazines) to substantially large(jewelry,vehicle,work of art). Jewelry and fashion items tend to be wants not needs which is why they are often bought on impulse." from

There are creative ways to bring the customers to your company. Jewelry is foremost an emotional purchase and, whether for the bridal customer or the special gift, you must put out the message that "she is worth more than just an Internet or WalMart purchase - she is worth the trip to the jewelry store." Your display can help you with this if it is engineered to speak for you. Jewelry is a small commodity, not easily seen from a distance. Yet a well-crafted, visionary display can entice the buyer for a closer look.

Though jewelry is among the top in impulse purchases, stores do not aggressively pursue this avenue of sales by having display that complements that purpose. When a customer comes to the store to see an advertised piece, she will automatically be looking at all the other items displayed around it. Studies show that impulse buying increased when the right item is paired with visual attraction. An ingenious display can sell for you. You must choose display that will charm the people and be your assistant to make the sale.

Who is your Sales Team?

To counteract the effects of Internet and cable TV sales, jewelers have to wisely choose the correct elements to keep their market share:

  • Fashionable Merchandise
  • Correct Pricing
  • Targeted Demographics
  • Productive sales team

Like your best sales people, the right display as a background to the jewelry piece, is a productive member of your team - a spokesperson that can evoke the emotions of the customer and keep them interested in your merchandise. It can work for you and with you. It can bring an element of excitement and enhance the emotional experience, but must do so without overwhelming the jewelry.

Ovadia's Commitment to You

As an industry leader, Ovadia has always been committed to making the world's best display, containing materials and technical elements that cannot be duplicated overseas. Where some companies make display so beautiful that it outshines the jewelry, our goal is beauty that blends with practical function - selling your jewelry is our first priority and our only reason to exist!

Here is what our customers have asked us to develop to distinguish their lines

  • Materials that blend with fine jewelry
  • Natural materials/expensive materials that costume jewelers will not adopt
  • Designs that cannot be copied overseas

With these mandates, the Exotic Hardwoods Display collection has emerged as the premeir choice in the market today. The finest materials available anywhere are rendered with technical precision and remarkable beauty

Ovadia's products are made only in the USA - we say "smartly made in the USA" because we use precision tooling, machinery and advanced engineering. This overcomes the problem of expensive hand labor and guarantees a quick turnaround as well as reliable, high quality results. We have spent many years developing technology that is beyond what China is willing to do. It has not been economical, but we did it and are continuing to do it because we will not turn our backs on customers who look to us for superior products, service and innovation.