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Designed to Emulate Nature

Infinity™ Displays are designed to give your displays a unique look unlike any other display you've ever seen. The difference between Infinity™ Displays and other displays is the colors are not just a standard black and white, rather the colors are complex patterns meant to emulate the beauty of other things. With patterns like, Sweet Cream Marble, Black Fieldstone, Blue Tuxedo Leather, Marbelized Bronze, and over 40 more colors to name, Infinity™ Displays are simply put; the most beautiful display you've ever seen.

For an incredible variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, look to the Infinity™ line to enhance your jewelry in store or on the road. Textures and designs borrowed from nature are handsome enough to put in your jewelry showcase. Lightweight and durable, with matching covers available for the traveling collection, Infinity™ is quietly distinctive.

  • wide variety of finishes
  • distinctive shapes - Octagonal and Tiffany
  • stackable flat trays or angled bases
  • interchangable pads in Orolite™ or traditional pads in suede or leatherette
  • durable lightweight construction and finishes
  • matching covers available for travel and storage
  • graphics, logos & silk screening
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