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Better than a Slot or Clip, it's the Clik

Ovadia is Proud to Introduce our New Ring Clik Displays. After countless hours of development, we have finally created a molded ring mechanism superior to any slot or clip. Slots deform over time and show only 50% of a ring, but the Clik displays nearly 85% of the ring. While clips show most of the ring, they fall apart very quickly and do a poor job at showing rings at the proper angle. With the Ring Clik, you simply press the ring into the display until you hear a "click", and your ring is perfectly positioned to highlight your jewelry at the perfect angle, every time. Ring Clik can hold any ring 2-12 millimeters, yet is durable enough to last, no matter the size of your ring. No other ring mechanism can deliver what the Ring Clik can, it is simply the most perfect ring mechanism ever crafted.

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