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Presentation at the Perfect Angle

Diversity™ Jewelry Displays are designed to be the ideal retail jewelry display to make your showcase beautiful. The most common color of Diversity&trade Jewelry Displays is white, however Ovadia offers Diversity™ with far more options than the standard white; by allowing you to choose from 7 different materials such as traditional leather and premium suede, and with dozens of potential colors and over 500 styles of displays to choose from, no displays in the world give the customer more options and diversity for their showcase.

Diversity™ jewelry displays are ideal for jewelry presentation in a retail store The collection consists of fully wrapped fabric displays on an angled base, which are designed to present jewelry at an optimal angle in a standard height retail showcase. As the name implies, there is a wide variety of choice when considering your needs, including options for messages and logos, as well as unusual shapes to attract the customer.

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