Elegant Leatherettes & Suede Wrapping

Covered Trays are jewelry displays which have luxurious suede and leatherette wrapped frames and pads providing a soft and luxurious look and for a jewelry showcase. Covered Trays are stackable, lightweight, and durable, thus providing jewelers with the option to use covered trays for their traveling needs, yet still possess a rich look which could add to any jewelry display showcase.

Pretty, touchable suede and elegant leathers make Covered Stackable trays attractive on the outside. Ovadia's patented Honeycomb™ technology make them outstanding on the inside! The trays are durable and lightweight, making them an ideal option for the traveling salesperson. Covered jewelry trays are also ideal for high end jewelers who choose to match the looks of their back-stock jewelry displays with their presentation displays in the front of their store. The patented Honeycomb™ technology isolates and protects each piece of jewelry and minimizes the space needed to store it.

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