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Half Size
8” x 6 ¾” x 1”
#DCH9G | 9 Interchangeable Pads and Graphic
Shown in Waxed Bobinga Veneer
#DCH9B | 9 Bracelets
Shown in Champagne Charisma
Horizontal & Vertical Displays
A great feature of the Discovery ™ Displays by Ovadia is their ability
to be displayed horizontally or vertically. This characteristic gives
you many options to show off your jewelry in many different ways.
Half Size 9 Pads (DCH9)
Shown Horizontally and Vertically
*Add $1 for Reelwood frame | Veneer Prices Vary
*Tall Trays are 1 ¼” High | Bracelet Trays are ¾” High