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Jewelry Folder Display

Selecting the right jewelry display Folder to suit your needs can seem like a daunting task with all of the options out there. Jewelry folders are great understock enclosures for the retail jeweler's extra jewelry pieces or as a traveling jewelry presentation folder for the traveling salesperson looking to sell their goods. Jewelry manufacturers looking to send their jewelry to retailers can make a striking presentation but transporting their jewelry in a high quality display folder to the retail store. It is important to remember, a jewelry display folder which is designed for travel will hold up well in a retail environment.

Your folder for jewelry presentation need to have the right color scheme to show off your company's brand. Be mindful that if your company does not yet have a specific brand color, the display Folder you select is a good starting point for establishing your brand color. The Folder should have multiple colors, but the surface which the jewelry rests on should be a neutral color, as the jewelry must still be the star. Customized colors and the right logo for your display Folders are an absolute must if you hope build your brand and showcase your unique style to potential buyers. Jewelers should coordinate the jewelry Folders with their showcase displays.

Sadly, most of the jewelry folders on the market are made in China and are of poor quality. I have seen jewelry folders begin to fall apart over the course of a few dozen uses, which could result in compromised presentation and potentially damaged jewelry. Make sure your jewelry folders are made in the United States or at least Italy (seek out companies which make such products), as the jewelry display Folder will hold up far longer over time than a folder made overseas. These jewelry Folders unfortunately don't hold up well when used for extended periods of time. When selecting the right jewelry folders, you cannot just purchase over the internet and hope the product works, you must get a sample first to make sure the product will work with your particular jewelry.

Jewelry display folders for presentation which are made from canvas fabric hold up better than other alternative materials; folders made from cheap leather have a tendency to break very easily. Your jewelry display folders should be sealed closed with Velcro inside, this is a must if you hope to keep your jewelry safe and secure. A jewelry display folder must not have a leather exterior as it has a tendency to become damaged, although a leather interior for the display folder can be really quite beautiful. Folders have a tendency to open with little use if the closing mechanism of the folder is insufficient. Travelite Jewelry Folders are one of the few which utilize ballistic fabric and a Velcro closing mechanism.

Don't show too many pieces of jewelry in too small of an area as it will devalue your jewelry and by making it difficult to be seen. Don't be unnecessarily cheap when buying a jewelry display folder, as you will regret it in the long run. Most importantly, the quality of your jewelry display presentation folder is a reflection of the quality of your jewelry and cheap or damaged jewelry folder reflects a cheap quality jewelry. Be aware that the right jewelry folder can elevated the perceived value of your jewelry enormously, the cost of a good folder can pay for itself 100 times over with a slight increase in your sales by using the right jewelry folder.

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