Jewelry Displays, Displays for Jewelry, Face Shields, PPE

Who We Are

Ovadia Corp. was founded in 1982 by Sue and Joe Ovadia as a U.S. designer and manufacturer of displays for jewelry.

By marrying form and function in our own product design lab, Ovadia has created some of the most sought-after jewelry displays in the world. For its engineering efforts, Ovadia has been rewarded with over 30 patents.

In March 2020 and in response to COVID-19, Ovadia began producing medical-grade face shields to help aid front line workers ñ including a new type of face shield intended for greater comfort and reusability.

Ovadia's Mission is to create practical and innovative products that excel at their intended use.

For displays, this means beautiful and functional products that sell more merchandise while making our customers' lives better and easier.

For PPE products, this means products that meet or exceed medical standards to face the harsh demands of COVID-19. Our PPE products are developed with first responders, for first responders - and are available for whoever needs them.

Ovadia is proud to be a 100% US manufacturer. Our materials come from domestic sources to ensure products our customers can trust without uncertain supply chains. Since all Ovadia manufacturing is on-site, we are able to offer fast delivery times with outstanding quality control.

In response to COVID-19, Ovadia is placing renewed emphasis on cleanable products - to help protect against the virus and to inspire confidence among users. With the end of lockdown, Ovadia will be introducing new PPE and display products to help society as a whole get back on its feet.

Ovadia will continue to work hard to address problems in our world, doing so with some of the brightest minds our industries have to offer.